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George Harold Wilkinson
(1907 - 1989)

Roy Gardner Topley
(1898 - 1964)

Margaret Vivian Natcher
(1910 - 1988)

Anne Regina McDermott
(1902 - 1968)

m. 19 Jul 1952, Cumberland, MD 

George Harold Wilkinson 

Mary Jane Topley 

b. 4 Feb 1932, Homestead, PA
occ. Steelworker, US Steel (retired)
edu. Cornell University
rel. Presbyterian

b. 31 Dec 1932, McKeesport, PA
occ. Registered Nurse (retired)
edu. Shadyside School of Nursing
rel. Roman Catholic


Nancy Jane Wilkinson
Zella Anne Wilkinson
George David Wilkinson
Joan Catherine Wilkinson

Notes for George Harold Wilkinson

Army during Korean Conflict. Enlisted Jun 4 1952. Rank corporal when discharged. 50

Christen Notes
22 Sep 1935 70 Age: 3
Homestead Park Church, Homestead, PA

Notes for Mary Jane Topley

Born at 4:30 AM, weight 9 lb 2 oz at McKeesport Hospital, according to hospital card.
Although baptised at Holy Name, she attended St. Joseph's Church. Holy Name was the Irish church and St. Joseph's the German church, but St. Joe's was closer. Some of her teachers were recent German immigrants who learned English along with the students.
1, 13 Nov 1996
Took nursing board exam on Oct 30-31, 1953 and was licensed as of Dec 31, 1953 as a Professional Registered Nurse.

Notes for George Harold & Mary Jane (Family)

Bought house at R.D. #4 Ridge Road, Irwin in November1960. Mortgage was for $11,800, payments were $84.55 per month.

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