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John Natcher

this information is from the research of Robert L. Harris,
received in an email from him on July 6,2000


John Natcher had two children Lutie born in Urbana OH in 1868 and Gouvernener born in Mechanicsville PA in 1870. After John's death in 1880 the children were eventually turned over to a guardian, Harry C. Rice and presumably returned to PA, but I have found no record of them.

John Andrew Natcher (Seventh United States Census. 1 June 1850, National Archives and Record Service.) (Records of the First Presbyterian Church of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, n.d., Page 174, Cumberland County Historical Society and The Hamilton Library Association.) was born on 20 September 1840 in Cumberland County, PA (Seventh United States Census.) (Records of First Presbyterian, Page 174.). He began military service on 21 April 1861 in Carlisle, PA, Company A 7th Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteers commanded by Capt. Henderson (Record Group 15, pension records for Union veterans of the Civil War., n.d., National Archives and Record Service.). He married Julia A Zeigler, daughter of Jacob Zeigler and Lydia (--?--), on 29 March 1864 in Alexandria, VA; Married by Wm. F. Speake pastor of M.E. church at Alexandria. Va. He married Martha Cope on 22 February 1877 in Champaign, IL; Married by W. F. L. Sprouil, Minister of the Gospel. He was living from 1879 to 1880 in Evansville, IN, at 905 Pennsylvania in 1879 and 620 Upper 5th in 1880 (_________, Williams Evansville City Directory in no series (Evansville, IN: Williams & Company, 1879-1880).). He died on 31 July 1880 in Evansville, IN, at age 39 (Seventh United States Census.) (Record Group 15, pension.).

Note from Robert: I have not been able to _prove_ anything on William before the 1850 census. I can not even find a marriage record on him. My theory he is the son of George Natcher & Nancy Kline daughter of George Kline; but again just theory. You may want to check my George Kline info at

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