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John Curry

Genealogical and Personal History of Western Pennsylvania, by John W. Jordan, LL.D., Lewis Historical Pub Co, NY, 1915, Vol II, pp.1714-1716



There are numerous families of this name scattered all over the United States, and all appear to be of Scotch or Irish origin. Many spell the name Currie. some Curry. and still others Currey. and all are people who do credit to themselves and the countries of their origin and adoption. Distinguished often by keen intellect, they have made honorable records in the various professions as well as in industrial life.

(I) John Curry settled at Curry Hollow, near Dravosburg, Mifflin township, Pennsylvania, after his marriage, owning a good-sized farm there. He was a justice of the peace, and a member of the United Presbyterian church. He and his wife died of typhoid fever, and were buried at Curry Hollow. He married Jane McRoberts, and had children; 1. Mary, who died unmarried about 1880. 2. Lizzie, who died unmarried about 1894. 3. Martha, married William Slaymaker, a farmer, and died in 1913. 4. Belle, widow of William Huston, lives in Wilkinsburg. Pennsylvania. 5. John, of further mention. 6. Samuel, a farmer, died in northwestern Illinois. 7. Hiram, a farmer, in northwestern Illinois.

(II) John (2) Curry, son of John (1) and Jane (McRoberts) Curry, was born in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, February 22, 1841, and died January 1, 1912. After his marriage he settled in Elizabeth township, about 1869, where he was a leading and successful farmer until his death. He erected some excellent farm buildings, which are still in good condition. During the Civil War he served in the quartermaster's. department for about two years, having charge of the transportation and purchase of horses. A Republican in politics, he served as school director. As secretary of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, he was connected with this organization from 1896 until his death. He was a strong supporter of Bethesda United Presbyterian church, of which his wife was also a member, and abhorred pretense of all kinds. He married Sarah Wilson McConnell, born in November, 1839, a daughter of Robert and Dinah (Boyd) McConnell, both born in Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, of Scotch-Irish descent. They settled in Forward township on a farm, which he cultivated; lie became an extensive land-owner, and died about 1844. He was an elder in the Associate Reformed church (Bethesda Associate Reformed Church), in the fork. of the Youghiogheny, which was the parent of several well known churches, and later was a member of the United Presbyterian church. They had children: 1. Andrew, an elder in the United Presbyterian church, a farmer in Poole, Nebraska. 2. John B., also an elder In the United Presbyterian church, lived and died on the homestead in 1912. 3. Sarah Wilson, who married Mr. Curry, as above mentioned. 4. Alice, married Samuel Reynolds, and died in Forward township in 1894. 5. Mary P., widow of James Dougherty, now lives in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Curry had children: 1.Jennie, married Samuel Lewis Billick, and lives in the old home in Elizabeth township. 2. Robert McConnell, of further mention. 3. John Alexander, born in 1874, died August 21, 1883. 4. Mary Elizabeth, died unmarried at the age of twenty-four years, August 21, 1904.

(III) Robert McConnell Curry. son of John (2) and Sarah Wilson (McConneIl) was born at Elizabeth, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, May 19, 1886. His education has been a most comprehensive one, and was acquired as follows: The old Harmony public school, Elizabeth Academy; Southwestern State Normal School, at California, Pennsylvania, from which he was graduated in the class of 1887, after which he taught for three years. He then matriculated at the Washington and Jefferson College, was graduated in the class of 1894, and taught Latin and mathematics for one year in the preparatory department. In the meantime he had taken up the study of law, and upon leaving the Washington and Jefferson College, went to Pittsburgh, where he continued his legal studies in the office and under the auspices of E. P. Douglas, and was admitted to the bar in December, 1896. He has been engaged in legal practice since that time. He was a member of the Masonic Country Club at Bear Run, and is now a member of McKeesport Lodge. No. 581, Free and Accepted Masons; McKeesport Chapter, No. 282, Royal Arch Masons; McKeesport Commandery, No. 86, Knights Templar. Mr. Curry married, March 17, 1897, Ada Goe, born in Fayette county, Pennsylvania, a daughter of Robert S. and Hester Goe. They have one child, Linford, born March 18, 1902.



Curry, p. 1714, before paragraph (I) the following should appear: Robert Curry and his wife Nancy settled on a farm in what is now Mifflin township, near Coal Valley, Allegheny county, Pennsylvania, about the time of the Revolutionary War. Here he erected a stone dwelling house and raised his family of seven children: Robert, John, Ebenezer, Martha, Belle, Sarah, Hiram. He was a surveyor, being the only surveyor in that vicinity. Of his children, John, Ebenezer, Martha, Sarah and Hiram married and settled in that vicinity while Belle died in young womanhood. 40th line, correct list of children: Mary J., died unmarried in 1872; Sarah Elizabeth, died unmarried in 1897; Martha A., deceased, was wife of William Slaymaker, of Albany, Illinois; Arabella L., wife of William Houston, of Wilkinsburg; John, of further mention; Samuel, deceased, of Albany, Illinois; Hiram, of Fenton, Illinois; Robert, died in infancy. Both John Curry and his wife died of typhoid fever in 1853, he on September 12, she on October 6; p. 1715, 41st line, E. P. Douglas should be E. P. Douglass; p. 1716, 1st line, Ada Goe should be Ada Catherine Goe; 2d line, Linford should be Linford Goe. At end of sketch this should appear: The McConnell branch of the family originally came from Ireland. Robert McConnell and Agnes Wilson, of Ireland, were married there in 1770, and came to America soon after. They had fourteen children, one of whom, Adam, married Ellen Moore and settled in the "Forks of the Yough," now Forward township, Pennsylvania. Ellen Moore was also of Irish parentage, the daughter of James and Mary (McLean) Moore, and was born in Ireland. Adam and Ellen McConnell had nine children, of whom Robert, who married Dinah Boyd in 1829, and settled on his father's farm in Forward township. One of his five children was Sarah Wilson McConnell, the wife of John Curry.

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